Monday, November 7, 2011

Good to Wow SOOC: Frosty Morning 11.06.11

On Sunday I got up early and headed out to photograph the sunrise. As I mentioned last weekend, I normally don't get up early on the weekend, but with the "fall back" it wasn't bad at all :o). My mom and my dog niece accompanied me and I had great hopes of finding a new awe inspiring location to shoot. However, the light was changing fast and I wanted to be sure that I was able capture it before it disappeared so we headed to a spot I have been to before. It looked very different in the morning light. After photographing the sunrise (pictures later this week) I turned my attention to the frost covering everything in sight. I completely forgot that the challenge for Good to Wow this week was macro, but I was drawn to these shots just the same. They are not as macro as I would like but I love the stillness which is exactly what it felt like being there.

I love macro photography and really want to invest in a macro lens, but that is a while off. I have been reading from other photographers that they use extension tubes. What are your thoughts about extension tubes and macro lenses? Should I wait for the lens or buy an extension tube in the mean time? I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by!

Here are my SOOC shots:
Settings: ISO 400, 55mm, ss1/125, f/5.6 (full manual, cloudy wb)

Settings: ISO 400, 55mm, ss1/200, f/5.6 (full manual, cloudy wb)

Settings: ISO 400, 43mm, ss1/200, f/5.0 (full manual, cloudy wb)
"Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen - that stillness becomes a radiance." - Morgan Freeman

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  1. My favorite is the barbed wire, love frosty dew. Great shots.

  2. Hey, Emily! I really am lovin' that barb wire shot! The hard sharp metal with the cold frosty edges is awesome! I know you said you used cloudy wb, so maybe it's just a touch dark still for the warmness to show up more. :)

    I'm also a long way from getting a real macro lens, but last year for Christmas my husband got me a set of extension tubes: If you wait till Black Friday, you may even be able to find a set for cheaper. Now, those are the ones for my camera -- make sure you get the ones compatible with your specific camera brand. :-D Good luck!!

    I love using them and in fact used the 12mm tube with my 50mm lens to get this week's shot. I had hubby spend a bit more to get the ones with connectors so my ttl metering and focusing systems could still work.


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