Photo Bucket List

There are so many inspiring photography blogs out there. One of my favorites is Click it Up a Notch. Courtney does a wonderful job of showcasing how to be the best photographer you can be. Recently she posted her photography bucket list and encouraged readers to do the same. I loved this idea and decided to start my own. This is what I have so far and I plan on adding to it in the future:

1. Lightning
2. A rainbow
3. A long exposure of a starry sky
4. Saturn and/or Jupiter
5. Rain falling
6. Up close of raindrops
7. Sunrise
8. Foggy field
9. Hummingbird
10. City skyline at night
11. Crater Lake
12. Snow falling
13. Up close of snowflakes
14. Dolphins
15. Orca whale spyhopping
16. Orca whale breaching
17. Underwater reef
18. Sea turtle in the water
19. Panaroma from Astoria Column
20. Black and white forest
21. Tulip fields
22. Backlit flowers
23. Bokeh on the water
24. A bald eagle

Additions to the bucket list!
1. Sunrise at Sparks Lake
2. Aurora Borealis
3. Mount Rainier from the Crystal Mountain Gondola
4. Trillium Lake at sunset
5. Crater Lake in Winter
6. Crater Lake at Sunrise
7. Crater Lake at Sunset