Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Learned: Factoria Sunset 10.15.11

This week I learned that sometimes the most beautiful moments happen in the most unexpected places. On Saturday while driving around trying to find a place to photograph the sunset from, we pulled into a driveway to turn around. The driveway was to the Tmobile Complex in Factoria and it just seemed like there might be a spot to view the rapidly changing sky. After a few twists and turns and almost turning back, we reached the top building in the complex and were rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen that was not at the beach or on the water. I did nothing to the sky in post processing and it is almost an exact match to what I saw. I did remove a few spots in the tree line with spot removal in Lightroom and do some noise removal. Then I used the healing brush in Photoshop for some spots on the buildings. Who would of thought that these colors and view (I think of Seattle) could be found at a corporate complex in the middle of the city? I wonder what other unexpected places I can find next :o)?

Settings: ISO 800, 109mm, ss1/100, f/7.1 (full manual)
"If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail." - Heraclitus

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  1. Absolutely heavenly! I love the silhouette of the city too. How lucky you were to find this.

  2. What a gorgeous sunset! Love the quote, too!

  3. that is beyond beautiful!

    i love your blog:)

    visiting via the creative exchange.

  4. Beautiful; don't you love such surprises?

  5. wow, REALLY beautiful shot!!!

  6. Pretty in pink :)

    Love the quote too.

  7. Visiting from "I Learned"....these colors are stunning!


  8. Wow, so beautiful!! Gorgeous sunset and I love the atmospheric perspective with the bands of colour.

  9. Oh wow! What amazing color. And love the silhouetted skyline!!!


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