Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project 64: Blue Wheelbarrows 08.28.11

This week's color at Project 64 was blue and was the most challenging for me to find so far. 

When I go out to shoot I am drawn to nature and can see compositions and framing in natural elements. The color blue is not made in abundance by mother nature. I have discovered it to be more of a man-made color. This presented a problem as I had to work harder to see shots with the color blue in them. This is purpose of this project, though, to expand my eye and photographic abilities. 

Today we went to Olympia, the capitol of Washington State. We were able to go in the Captiol Building, which is beautiful and will be the subject of some later posts this week :o). We then went to Capitol Lake Park and on the way there we drove past a True Value store. Sitting outside the store was a line of wheelbarrows in various colors, one of which was blue. I would not have noticed it if I wasn't looking for the color, but when I did there was something visually interesting about the shapes, colors and lines. In post processing I upped the temperature and tint, upped the saturation and contrast and decreased the brightness. I ran a lens correction and finally added a bit of a vignette (my first!). I really liked how it turned out. My first man-made subject photoblog post!

Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!

Settings: ISO 400, 50mm, ss 1/640, f/5.6
"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." - Georgia O'Keffe

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  1. I love your perspective here. If you ever get a chance to play with a prime 50 that can open up wider, it would be fun to see something like this at f/2 maybe.

    Oh, and a natural blue? Scrub jays! I can't walk two minutes in my neighborhood without seeing one.


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