Saturday, August 6, 2011

Astoria Column Sunset 08.06.11

After waiting for the sky to clear for most of the day, there was finally a break in the clouds just in time for sunset. I headed up to the Astoria Column, which overlooks the city of Astoria Oregon. I did not climb the 166 steps to the top this time but stayed in the parking area to view the sunset. This picture was taken toward the end of sunset and involved a long exposure time and a high aperture. In post processing, I played around with the color levels to pull out the pinks, oranges and purples. There is something I love about the composition as it looks like a painting. The blurry appearance was unintended, but in some ways I feel it adds to the overall painting feel. My goal was to capture the contrast of colors with the sky and the landscape while conveying this magical time of day. 

While I feel that this photo has a ways to go to be what I want it to, I did have a moment during this shoot that made me feel like I at least look like I know what I am doing. A fellow photographer asked if my name was Kim. When I told him it wasn't he said that she was a local woman who took a lot of beautiful pictures around the area. I was happy to look like a local photographer :o).

Settings: ISO 100, 1"3, f/16

"The sacred lamp of day
Now dipt in western clouds his parting day." 
- William Falconer, The Shipwreck

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