Monday, April 22, 2013

Tones on Tuesday #74 4.23.13

Seeing the work of faithful followers and those new to Tones on Tuesday is the highlight of my week. Thank you for joining in! Here are the showcases from last week...

Jim at Sydney - City and Suburbs
I didn't realize that this was a statue until closer inspection. The varying textures captured in the boy, the ground and the wall are lovely. Thank you for linking up Jim!

Maria at Maria's Space
Pure love and joy is what I think of when I see this photo. I love how the craziness and laughter of family shines here. Thank you for sharing Maria!

Laurie at Pride in Photos Photography
I love the deep, vibrant colors here. The texture and process give it a soft, vintage feel. Thank you for sharing Laurie!

Jim, Maria and Laurie please go HERE to grab your showcase button.

Now it's your turn to share your photo with altered tones. Here are the guidelines for Tones on Tuesday:
  • The basic idea is to share one photo where you have altered the tones. Such as a black and white, sepia toned, selective coloring or colored photo. Feel free to share the original and edit, or just the edit.
  • Please share a photo that you have taken and edited yourself.
  • One photo per photographer please. If you have more than one photo in your post please indicate which one is for Tones on Tuesday. If you link up more than once only the first photo will be considered for showcasing.
  • Please link up with your permalink and not your blog address.
  • Attach the Tones on Tuesday button or a link back here to your post.
  • Leave comments for at least 3 other participants, share the love :o)!
  • Have fun!
Disclaimer - By participating you give Scattered Horizons permission to share your photo on this blog. Photographers will be given credit for their work.

This weekend my mom, dog niece and I headed over the mountains in search of some Vitamin D. We found it and had a great time exploring! We also found some very blustery conditions that made for some difficult shooting moments. I was able to capture some shots I am proud of and I will be sharing those on Thursday. For today, I took a photo of this flower growing in my front yard when I got home. I have been meaning to shoot this tiny blossom for some time now, but have been putting it off. When I arrived home I noticed that the bottom part of the flower was starting to turn brown so I decided it was now or never. It was right before sunset and with the flower growing at the base of a tree it was very shaded. It posed an interesting and yet challenging lighting situation, but I like the detail and color I was able to capture. I would love to know what you think, CC is always welcome!

What about you, what have you been meaning to shoot lately? Have you done it or is still waiting on your "list"?

Settings: ISO 1250, 100mm, ss 1/160, f/3.2
"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail." - Giorgio Armani 

Joining the link ups below. Be sure to check out the beautiful shots and join the Tones on Tuesday link up found further down!
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  1. Oi, Emili, bela sequência! eu adorei a estátua com capa de chuva, hahaha. Um abraço!

  2. I love the way the purple flowers glow and seem translucent. Great composition.

  3. Beautiful! And that quote goes perfectly with that photo :)

  4. What lovely shots. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  5. We have some of those flowers in our yard as well, and I have been really wanting to shoot them, but I just don't have the lens for it. Beautiful shot

  6. Love your flower!

  7. Emily...thank you very much for selecting my lily pad image.I adore these plants so very much and I am glad you do too. Your image is so precious with the little blue bells...makes me miss my home up north. Have a great evening my friend.

  8. Exquisite flowers like a poem, really wonderful photos!

  9. lovely flower, thanks for hosting this meme. :)


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