Thursday, April 4, 2013

Project 52 - Week 14/52

It was a glorious weekend here in the Pacific Northwest! On Saturday I went hiking with my brother to the top of Pinnacle Peak. It was a tough hike with about an 18% grade. Unfortunately there were no views at the top, but I did get to see the city of Enumclaw and I can now say I made it to the top. On the way back home I was able to get a good view of Mount Rainier by pulling off the road. I must say the the Zone System is amazing for capturing the vibrant color of the sky on a sunny day. 

Settings: ISO 500, 100mm, ss1/640, f/11
Pinnacle Peak Hike

Settings: ISO 500, 100mm, ss1/640, f/16
Mount Rainier

On Sunday, I went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens to soak some more of the sun. There were many other photographers there with the same idea as me. I loved the tranquility of the gardens and the variety of plants and different types of gardens housed in this one beautiful place. 

The sunlight shining through the magnolia flowers. 
Settings: ISO 800, 100mm, ss1/500, f/11

Colored version of the black and white I shared on Tuesday. 
Settings: ISO 800, 100mm, ss1/20, f/11 (on tripod)

A flower growing in the marshy, wetland area. 
Settings: ISO 800, 100mm, ss1/400, f/5.6

Shadows dancing across the grass in the Lost Meadow.
Settings: ISO 800, 100mm, ss1/1600, f/6.3

A sunburst through the tree in full bloom.
Settings: ISO 800, 50mm, ss1/320, f/22
"A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves." - Marcel Proust 

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  1. Oh these are wonderful! that sunny weather was great while it lasted. Hoping it doesn't stay away too long!

  2. spring is all about you for sure!

  3. Your macros are just great! The other scenes are really wonderful to see, too.

  4. Such beautiful shots. Spring feels like it is here also. Take care. Chel


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