Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fort Ward Sunset 09.10.11

Today was filled with car shopping, which I did not like, and fair going, which I did. I came home to edit a photo to post and I realized that my trial for Lightroom expired. I ordered it but because I am a teacher and using the educational store I have to wait for approval. I am amazed by how much I miss it! I suppose something you use every day with wonderful results you will be bound to miss. In order to edit today I decided to download the free trial of Adobe Photoshop. I have been wanting to play around with it for a while as I used to have Photoshop a long time ago. My how it has changed! I really had no idea what I was doing, but after looking around on the web for help I was able to produce a pretty good edit. 

This picture was taken on Bainbridge Island at Fort Ward Park last weekend. The sunset had just ended and we were walking back to the car when through the trees this appeared begging to be captured. I love sunset photography, which I am sure you can tell if you look back through my posts :o). Since delving into manual and editing, I love it even more. The SOOC shot is beautiful, but I wanted to remove some spots, punch up the colors and do something with the sky. I used Adobe Camera Raw to adjust the basic settings and then began to find my way around Photoshop. I started by removing the lighter spots on the right by following this tutorial. I then added more color to the upper sky by following this tutorial. Finally I ran Pioneer Woman's Fresh and Colorful Action (my first PS Action after hearing about them everywhere). While it is certainly a creative edit and not a clean one, I like it!

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Settings: ISO 100, 33mm, ss1/50, f/13

Edited with Adobe Photoshop
Basic Settings, Spot Removal, Gradient
Pioneer Woman Fresh and Colorful Action

"Of course I realize that photography is not the technical facility as much as it is the eye, and this decision that one makes for the moment at which you are going to snap, you know." - Ben Shahn

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  1. I love the edit! Very warm!! I always use the Colorful action!! :-)


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