Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flashback: Fireworks 07.04.11

Today I spent some time shopping and visiting a new park. I found some lily pads and flowers to shoot and look forward to sharing them this week. For today's post, though, I went in to my archives and decided to post a photo from my favorite holiday - 4th of July! I love the history, the food and the fireworks. This past 4th my mom and I saw two amazing firework displays, one in Illwaco on the southern Washington coast and one at Lake Wilderness near where I live. The picture below is from the latter. I love how you can see the smoke trails and that there are two fireworks in the frame. 

I remember finding it challenging to shoot the fireworks on auto, as this was shot before I switched to manual. I am wondering how I would go about shooting such a fast paced and low light situation in manual. If you have any tips, tricks or websites where I can learn more please leave them in the comments. I know I will need to prepare for the next 4th :o). 

Flashback #7
Date: July 4th, 2011
Settings: Shot in Auto ISO 800, 18mm, ss1/25, f/3.5
Post Processing: Cropped, most of the basic settings were played with
What I Like: Smoke trails, double fireworks
What I Think Needs Work: The depth of field, the sharpness
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  1. This shot is gorgeous,love the colour!
    Congratulations on the Favourite Photo of the Week! Well done, it's a wonderful shot!


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