Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seattle Skyline from the Ferry 09.10.11

As I mentioned yesterday I shot in RAW for the first time this weekend. I had been wanting to try it after reading a post by Melissa on Click it Up a Notch regarding RAW vs. JPEG. Melissa and I went to high school together and after reading her blog and beginning to connect with other photography blogs she links up with, I decided to begin my blog journey. She is an amazing photographer who inspires me on a regular basis :o)! So thank you Melissa! Back to RAW, I had been hesitant because I take A LOT of pictures and I was worried about running out of room on my memory cards in the middle of a shoot. After stocking up on bigger memory cards and a portable hard drive at Costco I gave it a try. So far so good on the size issue, I am now wondering what I should know about what RAW can do in shooting and in editing. I would love to hear what you know about RAW.

As for today's photo, I decided to do a shot I took from the ferry on the way to Bainbridge Island looking back at the Seattle skyline. I thought it went nicely with the night photo I shared yesterday. I wanted to capture the entire skyline and the sunlight. I like how it turned out, but I think I should have went with a bigger aperture as I think it loses some definition. In post processing, I cropped the photo, played with the basic settings and the tone curve.

Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!

Settings: ISO 100, 18mm, ss1/200, f/11 (full manual)
“A building must be both background and foreground. As foreground, it must have some exceptional qualities. But it also must try very hard to knit into the fabric of the city.” - Cesar Pelli

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  1. This is a beautiful view and I love the deep blues of the water and sky.

  2. gorgeous shot... i want so badly to head out to the pacific northwest and this is definitely not helping. sigh.

  3. You are seriously so sweet for giving me that shout out! It totally made my night! :) I love this shot, as always. I could never get this pretty of a city scape. Only thing I would comment on is have you tried rule of thirds with this photo? I would put the skyline on either that top third or bottom. So you either have lots of sky or lots of water. It would make it even more appealing to the eye than it already is, if that's even possible. ;) Which ferry were you on too? I need to get out more and take more landscape shots. Not so good with those.
    Also, I have not forgot about the video. I did it once already and it turned out funky, I had hit a wrong button. I have not been able to redo it since. But the hubs is working late tonight so when Adalyn goes down, I'm going to redo it. I can include the rule of thirds in it too if you want. Also I'm going to email you about a photowalk on the 8th of Oct. You should come with me. It's for Clickin Moms that I always talk about about everyone is welcome! But more on that in the email, this is becoming a long comment. SORRY! :)


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