Monday, March 26, 2012

Tones on Tuesday #28 3.27.12

I know I say this almost every week, but thank you for linking up and for inspiring me with your talent and your journey. I am honored that you choose to join me on Tuesday and share your photos! It was very difficult to choose three photos, but I would not have it any other way :o). Now to the showcases...

Nicky at Awesomeville
My first thought upon seeing this photo was that it was breathtaking! The colors are exquisite, the light extraordinary and the mood ethereal. Thank you for sharing this amazing photo Nicky!

The black and white tones, along with the texture, are soft and timeless. The staging and quote (from my favorite movie) tell such a great story. Thank you for linking up Ansku!

Ashley at Ashley Hauck Photography
I love the dramatic feel of this photo and the deep tones. The texture of the petals and the hint of green just add to this gorgeous photo! Thank you for sharing with us Ashley. 

Nicky, Ansku and Ashley please go HERE to grab your showcase button.

Now it's your turn to share your photo with altered tones. Here are the guidelines for Tones on Tuesday:
  • The basic idea is to share one photo where you have altered the tones. Such as a black and white, sepia toned, selective coloring or colored photo. Feel free to share the original and edit, or just the edit.
  • Please share a photo that you have taken and edited yourself.
  • One photo per photographer please. If you have more than one photo in your post please indicate which one if for Tones on Tuesday.
  • Please link up with your permalink and not your blog address.
  • Attach the Tones on Tuesday button or a link back here to your post
  • Leave comments for at least 3 other participants, share the love :o)!
  • Have fun!
Disclaimer - By participating you give Scattered Horizons permission to share your photo on this blog. Photographers will be given credit for their work.

This photo was completely inspired by Melissa Noste at Melissa Noste Photography and her post on the daffodil fields and the zone system. 

After reading Melissa's post that the daffodils were blooming up north of where I live I knew I had to head up there and get a taste of spring. I love the amazing bright yellow of the flower against the deep greens. I love the shape of it and its petals. And I LOVE seeing a sea of flowers. There is something so magical about it. I was also intrigued by the zone system. I spent the drive up north reading the tutorial Melissa recommended, which can be found HERE. This system was developed by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer for black and white sheet film and has been adapted for use with digital photography. For me, it boils down to focusing on capturing colors as true to life as possible. The tutorial does an amazing job of explaining the technique and what it means in practice. 

In the photo below I metered off the yellow of the daffodil and put it in Zone VI, which is used for brighter colors such as pure yellow. This means I overexposed by 1 stop (+1). A more detailed explanation can be found in the tutorial. I was so excited by the SOOC result, the yellow was so close to what it looked like and that is one of the things I strive for when I photograph. I by no means understand the system well, but I am interested and intrigued and want to try more!

I love that I learn so much from other photographers and have the chance to try things out with my camera. I enjoy the journey of learning something new and I am so glad that Melissa shared her journey on her blog! Being inspired by fellow photographers is one of my greatest joys. 

Settings: ISO 200, 50mm, ss1/1250, f/3.2 (cloudy wb, Zone VI)
Intent: The shape and details of the daffodil

Lightroom Clean Edit
Upped blacks, brightness, contrast, clarity, vibrance and saturation
Decreased lights, darks and shadows using the tone curve
Intent: To make the colors pop a bit
"Inspiration doesn't really work like that - you're not looking out for it. Inspiration is something that tends to capture you rather than you capture it." - Joan Armatrading

Joining the link ups below. Be sure to check out the beautiful shots and join the Tones on Tuesday link up found further down! Share inspiration and be inspired!

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