Monday, March 19, 2012

A Sight to Behold 3.18.12

Many things can be said about the weather in the Pacific Northwest and many people (myself included at times) will lament about the woes of the ever present threat of rain and the overcast skies. When you see this, however, it just all makes sense. Without the bitter, this would not be near as sweet!

Taken from the ferry on the way back from Bremerton to Seattle, WA.

Settings: ISO 200, 18mm, ss1/500, f/7.1 (cloudy wb)
Intent: The leading lines of the ferry rail pointing to the intersection of the sunset sky and the stormy clouds (where the bitter and the sweet meet :o)
Processing: Basic settings in Lightroom adjusted with emphasis on the upping the colors through the vibrance, saturation and tone curve
"I like this life. I like it when it's hard, and I like it better when it's not, but I know you don't get the sweet part without the bitter." - Holly Near

  and then, she {snapped} 


  1. That is beautiful. I love the Pacific coast, we have visited a few times, have a good friend in Seattle. So different from western Mass. I'm following you now!

    1. Welcome Barb! So glad to have you on the journey!

  2. I love that quote and your photo is lovely, Emily. :) Thank yo so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

  3. Beautiful... be beautiful and have a lovely day.

  4. Very nice photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Very moody sky, very dramatic, beautiful :)

  6. That is beautiful....nice shot...
    Greeting Karin


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