Friday, February 1, 2013

Reverse 365: Creative Spirit - Day 32/365 2.1.13

New month, new editing focus for the Reverse 365. I am working on becoming familiar with the gradient tool in Lightroom. I am still searching for something to work on in Photoshop. With this photo I was trying out the Zone System when shooting, which made the editing fairly simple. It only needed a quick pass with the gradient tool on the sky and mountains. 

Settings: ISO 200, 146mm, ss1/400, f/13
Date: April 6th, 2012
Location: Tolmie State Park near Olympia, Washington
"From inaccessible mountain range by way of desert untrod by human foot to the ends of the unknown seas, the breath of the everlasting creative spirit is felt, rejoicing over every speck of dust that hearkens to it and lives." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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