Thursday, September 20, 2012

Favorite Photo of the Week: Stillness

Settings: ISO 100, 50mm, ss1/200, f/11

When I go to the beach I am always amazed by the stillness I feel. Despite the perpetual motion of the waves, I can't help but feel that the ocean creates this sense of stillness that is exactly what I need to feel most myself. Perhaps it allows me to slow down and connect to something greater than me. This feeling I have whenever I spend time at the beach is what I hope these photos communicate. These photo were taken on the Washington coast, the first one at Grayland and the second off the highway near North Cove. The first photo was processed using basic settings in Lightroom and the second was processed using Lightroom Presets from Preset Heaven which had a post called "28 Free Presets from Chris." The specific preset used is called "sweet."

Settings: ISO 100, 50mm, ss1/400, f/11
“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.”  ― Lao Tzu

Happily Mother After    the long road     Weekly Top Shot     


  1. I agree, but our beaches have become overrun with tourists and there is never, even at midnight, any quiet. Thanks for letting us take a breath with you.

    1. No quiet at the beach I can't imagine! Thank you for your kind words, that is exactly the feeling I was going for :).

  2. I love that second photo! Very serene and still, indeed.

  3. wonderful pictures!

  4. That second photo is beautiful! I love the light in that one.

  5. I love the coast too, and you're right there is a different peacefulness there.. Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #49!

  6. These are very beautiful shots.

  7. just stunning! I can "feel" the quiet and serenity!

  8. Oh this is very beautiful, so surreal.

    Thanks so much for sharing with Foto Friday,

  9. I love that second shot!

  10. So pretty!! I love the beach and will for sure miss it this winter.


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