Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sun on the Water 12.04.11

My holiday decorating begins today so I will make this short and sweet. Here is an SOOC shot of the sun hitting the water I took while on the ferry to Orcas Island last weekend. I love ferry rides. Something about gliding through the water, seeing the scenery leaves me feeling blessed to live where I live and get to experience the things I experience. I hope you have a great Saturday that leaves you feeling grateful :o).

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Settings: ISO 200, 18mm, ss1/500, f/18 (full manual, sunlight wb)

"Every day it seems like something happens to assure me I'm in the right place, and that doing anything else would be wrong. I feel so incredibly blessed." - Lucas Grabeel

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  1. This is beautiful Emily.
    Have fun with your decorating!

  2. I've never been on a ferry boat before. Beautiful shot!

  3. Lovely shot, I never get to see expanses of water like this any more.

  4. Beautiful shot, love the sun flare.


  5. Absolutely lovely! What a beautiful sunburst!


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