Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good to Wow SOOC: Lighting Up the Holiday 12.13.11

On almost every photo blog I frequent there is at least one picture of Christmas light bokeh. I have been so inspired by the beautiful shapes and lights created and I had to try it. The Good to Wow prompt this week is "Bokeh Lights," which gave me a great excuse to make my first attempt at intentional bokeh. I found the tutorial Jill posted to be extremely helpful. I had to work with the lens I had though, which meant that I couldn't open my aperture up as wide as I should have. Despite this fact and some frustration in setting up the shot, I am extremely pleased with the results. I set a table up in front the tree, put a mirrored plate down for some nice reflection and then placed a lit candle on top in blue to match the tree light colors. It is SOOC, except that I straightened it a tad bit as my tripod and I had some difficulty working together.

Settings: ISO 800, 44mm, ss1/10, f/5.0 (full manual, tripod, tungsten wb)

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I also played around photographing the outside lights with a tutorial that Courtney at Click it Up a Notch posted about how to get beams of Christmas lights. It is so fun! You should give it a try :o). I will be trying out some more bokeh and light related shots in the coming days. I enjoyed learning and trying out new techniques and appreciating the lights of the holiday in a different way!

Settings: ISO 100, 96mm, ss4.0 sec, f/5.0 (full manual, tripod, tungsten wb)
"Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show. The secret lies in an inner glow. It's lighting a fire inside the heart. Good will and joy a vital part. It's higher thought and a greater plan. It's glorious dream in the soul of man." - Wilfred A. Peterson

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  1. That light beam shot is so cool, I'll have to check that out, I don't have a full manual camera, but ya never know until ya try, right?

  2. beautiful, I really love the purple colors in that shot!

  3. Beautiful candle & that second one is so fun!

  4. those light beams are really cool. I'm going to have to see how to do that.

  5. Your photos are really fun! ~ Barefoot Mama

  6. Your SOOC bokeh shot is beautiful! And I love your light beam shot also! So cool! I still have yet to try this one.

    Thank you for linking up with Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!


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