Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tones on Tuesday #21 2.7.12

Welcome to Tones on Tuesday! The photos from last week were amazing and made it extremely difficult to pick just 3. Which is a great problem to have :o). After much deliberation, here are the photos chosen...

Desirae at Pink Sky Designs
The light in this photo blows me away and the softness added by the texture contrasts with the drama of the silhouette to make an amazing photo. Thank you for sharing Desirae!

The perspective, the depth of field and the soft color all create a beautiful and nostalgic photo. Lovely, just lovely! Thank you for sharing with us. 

Aren't they cute? I love the simplicity of this moment and the softness of the tones. The perfect capture of an everyday moment. Thank you for sharing with us!

Desirae, Daogreer Earthworks and Bunch of Barrons please go HERE to grab your showcase button

Now it's your turn to share your photo with altered tones. Here is the guidelines for Tones on Tuesday:
  • The basic idea is to share one photo where you have altered the tones. Such as a black and white, sepia toned, selective coloring or colored photo. Feel free to share the original and edit, or just the edit.
  • Please share a photo that you have taken and edited yourself.
  • One photo per photographer please. If you have more than one photo in your post please indicate which one if for Tones on Tuesday.
  • Please link up with your permalink and not your blog address.
  • Attach the Tones on Tuesday button to your post
  • Leave comments for the other participants, share the love :o)!
  • Have fun!
Disclaimer - By participating you give Scattered Horizons permission to share your photo on this blog. Photographers will be given credit for their work.

This weekend I went to the Cranberry Coast and the Long Beach Peninsula. One of the places we stopped was at Grayland State Park. It is a campground with these huts you can stay in and a vast beach. I snapped some pictures, explored a bit and on the way back was rewarded with a "conversation" with some deer I plan on sharing later this week. My goal with the photo below was to capture the vastness of the beach and ocean and the lack of people on the beach the result of the coast in winter. I did a clean edit in Lightroom for the first photo and then a black and white conversion. I think the first photo works well to communicate the vastness and the black and white the emptiness. What do you think?

Settings: ISO 200, 50mm, ss1/320, f/9.0 (full manual, sunlight wb)

"In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself." - Laurence Sterne

Joining the link ups below. Be sure to check out the beautiful shots and join the Tones on Tuesday link up found further down!
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  1. The beach is beautiful! It is lovely in BW, too!

  2. Beautiful pictures, I love those beautiful frames and delicious tones. Greetings.

  3. These are so great! Perfect picks!

    For my entry today I darkened the edges and blurred the back round. Just so you know;)

  4. Wouldn't mind visiting your beach about now... serene. :)

  5. Love those shots! So pretty. Thanks for picking my shot, too! :)

  6. love your black and white edit!

  7. Your tones link up is so cool! I do love the car photo, though the kids in the tub shot is great too :)

    I do love beaches in the winter time, something so peaceful and serene about them! The BW edit suits it perfectly!

  8. Oooh that beautiful green ride is grand!

  9. This is a neat Tuesday challenge! :)

  10. I like them both, although I'm a real sucker for black and white so that might have to be my favourite.

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    A little photography nerd humor.

  12. Love the composition and mood in your picture.


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